The conference venue is located in Lhokseumawe.  Aceh Tengah is another district not so far from Lhokseumawe that has wonderful tourism spots to visit. To reach Aceh Tengah district,  It takes 2.5 hours by land transportation from Lhokseumawe via Jalan KKA, or 4 hours if you go via Bireuen district.


  1. Danau Laut Tawar

Danau Laut Tawar is the biggest lake in Aceh province with the area of  approximately 5,472 hectares. It is the most popular tourism destination in Aceh Tengah.

This massive lake has  a very beautiful panorama and the air is also very fresh and clean, with the average temperature of 22 degree celcius.  It takes about two hours to go around this lake by passing by villages along the lake. This lake has one of typical fish species called depik  that is consumed by the local community.


  1. Goa Putri Pukes

This cave is one of beautiful tourist attractions that is visited by many visitors on holiday because its popular legend of Putri Pukes (Princess Pukes). This cave is very big and it has the stone resembling woman figure that is believed as Putri Pukes. There is also a big well, and meditation stone inside this cave. There is enough lighting in the cave because the local government has provided lighting facilities. This cave is located by the side of Danau Laut Tawar, and it takes about 15 minutes by car to get into this place from Takengon. The guide will guide you in the cave while sharing story about Putri Pukes.

  1. Pantan Terong

Pantan Terong  is a must visit tourist attaction in Aceh Tengah. It is famous for its beautiful sunset and sunrise. Located at an altitude of 1830 meters above sea level and is the highest hill on Gayo highlands, we can see  Takengon  (the capital of Aceh Tengah) from above, the whole area of Lake Laut Tawar, the horse race track at Pegasing sub district, Rembele airport, and the back of a very beautiful ridge hill. Pantan Terong  is located in Bebesan, approximately 7.5 km from Takengon, about 15 minutes by car or motorbike with good road access .

  1. Mengaya Waterfall

Mengaya Waterfall is one of natural attractions in Central Aceh. It is located at Mengaya Village in Bintang subdistrict that can be accessed about 30 minutes drive from Takengon. After parking the vehicle, to reach the waterfall, we will pass coffee plantations. If you are a nature lover then Mengaya waterfall should be one of your places to go in Aceh Tengah. Here we can enjoy the beauty of natural panorama and refreshing fresh waterfall as well as clean air.

Burni Telong Mountain

Who does not know the beauty of tourist attractions in Bener Meriah regency on this one. Mount Burni Telong is an active volcano and visited by many tourists from various regions, the mountain with a height of 2624 masl. Of course very fascinating for anyone who comes to visit there, supported by several other tourist attractions that are around and make this mountain as a tourist spot that is favored by visitors or even climbers



The 2stMalikussaleh International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies (MICoMS 2019) organized by Institute of Research and Community Service (Lembaga Penelitiandan Pengabdian pada Masyarakat) Universitas Malikussaleh, Lhokseumawe, Aceh.

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